About us

Enjoy the Traffic is a company based in Brazil and the US that designs, produces and sells literary and fine art apparel. The manufacture in Brazil enables us to customize our products to satisfy our clients’ wishes. It allows us to produce the scarves following all international standards of fair labor, and to closely inspect the quality of our products. We never compromise on our quality standards and are one of the best in the market. 

Since a majority of our sales are in the US, we opened a branch in Birmingham. While most of our sales are on our online store, we also have wholesale clients such as a craft online store based in New York City which has bought our book illustration scarves since January of 2015. Recently, we partnered with St Mary Church, Warwick - England which will be offering our Shakespeare book illustration scarf during the 400th Shakespeare Anniversary Celebration and we also created the visual identity and printed material of the event. 

Keila Scott - art direction - CEO - 
Katia Kiss Miller - US based partner - Vice- President
Cleison Scott - Marketing director